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Maintenance of Building Envelope Services

Maintenance of Building Envelope Services

We carry out planned and reactive maintenance. We offer practical cost effective solutions for all your maintenance & repairs.

Gutters & Rainwater Systems Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning of valley and box guttering systems. It is an important part of roof maintenance to prevent rainwater pipe blockages and the possibility of overflowing gutters which can cause substantial damage to areas below.
  • We specialise in commercial/industrial gutter cleaning for all types of businesses including schools, office blocks, industrial units and commercial properties.
  • We offer Gutter Maintenance Service plans & gutter refurbishment including replacing, insulating & lining guttering to improve performance and lifespan.
  • Rubberised Plygene Gutter Lining: The Plygene Gutterline System is a thermoplastic membrane custom-made to provide a continuous seamless waterproof lining for the most commonly found gutter material types including concrete, fibre cement, aluminium, cast iron, steel and wood. Gutterline can also be used for lining half round asbestos gutters, with a special fixing system that conforms to current HSE regulations. Because the liner is bespoke for every project, Gutterline is suitable for any width, length and profile of gutter, including those with extreme dimensions.

Profile Roof Sheet Maintenance

  • Repair & replacement of asbestos cement roofing sheets including cost effective cladding with GRP systems.
  • Edge lap corrosion treatment to increase the lifespan of effected sheets.
  • Cleaning of roof sheets where trees overhang to preserve the coating on metal coated roof sheets.
  • Replacement of corroded and leaking fixings.
  • Replacement of damaged or corroded roof sheets.

Roof Lights Maintenance

  • Roof light replacement & upgrades to non-fragile lights. The introduction of new roof lights or replacement of existing roof lights increases natural light into the building helping to save on energy bills and promote a lighter and safer environment below.
  • Profile Wall Cladding Maintenance

  • Repair & replacement of wall cladding sheets including asbestos cement and composites.

Flat Roof Maintenance

  • Repair, maintenance & replacement of all types of flat roofing including asphalt, built up felt, coated, GRP & single ply membrane systems.

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