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Commercial Cladding Services

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Commercial Cladding Services

Industrial & Commercial Wall Cladding Services
Our industrial & commercial wall cladding service gives you the opportunity to improve the insulation and appearance of your building. We can survey your building and offer bespoke solutions for all your cladding requirements.
New Wall Cladding
We provide a service to supply and fit new bespoke wall cladding systems for our clients in a wide range of styles, colours and materials from aluminium or steel sheet systems to composite or modern rain screen products from major manufacturers.

Replacement of Existing Wall Claddings
We can replace your existing wall cladding with a range of steel or aluminium wall cladding profiles in a wide range of colours and coatings using either insulated or uninsulated systems. Other products such as insulated composite panel systems can also be provided in most situations adding an alternative aesthetic look to a building.

Over-Cladding of Existing Cladding Walls & Brick Elevations
Perhaps the most common type of wall cladding refurbishment undertaken is the over-cladding of old and unsightly brick and profiled asbestos cement wall elevations, over-cladding is the most convenient method of providing the client with the most cost effective solution to upgrading the aesthetics and insulation properties of a building with the least possible amount of disruption.

Re-painting of Existing Steel Profiled Cladding
We undertake refurbishment of existing wall cladding profiles from cleaning and repairing to re-painting of old and weathered plastisol coated cladding using products such as PVC94 which gives a high quality finish to old weathered and flaking steel cladding sheets. This option is considered a very cost effective solution for certain applications where the removal or over-cladding of the existing cladding may be perhaps too inconvenient and likely to cause major disruption to the clien

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